Multimodal transport solutions fit well with brewer


The Bavaria Brewery from the town of Lieshout is, like GVT Group of Logistics, a family owned business. Managed by the 7th generation of the Swinkels family, some 800 people are currently employed. One of them is Fred Hooft, manager Logistics. Since last year the GVT Barge Terminal carries out the intercontinental export for Bavaria. This entails some 4,000 containers per year.


“Like in our own company, when working with BTT you notice that the lines of communication are short, decisions are made quickly and as a result you can act immediately”, says Hooft. “It’s a pleasure working in that way.”


Bavaria exports to all continents, where we currently see a strong growth in the South-African and Middle Eastern markets. Cans, bottles, beer coasters… Bavaria products can be found in over 120 countries all over the world. “Our export products are shipped via the Port of Rotterdam. For the transport from the brewery to the port, we were looking for alternatives to road transport. Personally I do not see trucks as a viable solution anymore, I think transport by rail and ship is the only way forward. The multimodal solutions that the GVT Group of Logistics offers, fit perfectly well with us.”



Sustainability is high on the agenda at Bavaria and definitely not a sales pitch. In the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Bavaria fully meets the ISO26000 norms and it was the first brewery in the Netherlands to receive a Lean & Green star. “Bavaria works on the principle that they are the custodians of the brewery for the children who will form the 8th generation”, according to Fred Hooft. “That really appeals to me! Sustainability and saving costs definitely go hand in hand which makes it really very interesting!”


The start of the export route is still by truck, that’s inevitable. “Because we do not have terminals on own premises” Hooft explains. “It is then up to GVT to decide whether the containers are moved to Rotterdam by train or by barge. After all, they know best which mode of transport has sufficient capacity available to get our freight into the port as early as possible. Containers that will go by train are trucked from Lieshout to the Eindhoven rail terminal, containers that will go by barge leave from the Barge Terminal at Tilburg. “A BTT shunting truck driver is permanently stationed at the Bavaria grounds, constantly positioning containers and thereby optimising the loading process.” 


Fred Hooft sees the co-operation with GVT as a partnership. “We do not just sign a contract with a forwarder and then say: the rest is up to you. We constantly liaise with each other. When we take a decision about some matter, I think it is important that all parties involved understand why we took that decision. Therefore, I see GVT much more as a partner, one who thinks with us and advises us. It is definitely our intention to maintain a long-term relationship with them. In any case, up to now we are very satisfied with the partnership.” 



 “I believe the only way forward is transport by rail and ship, no longer by truck”


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