Bosch Thermotechniek

Warm bond between customer and service provider


Every year Bosch Thermotechniek in Deventer manufactures approximately 120,000 high-efficiency boilers. 70% of those boilers are intended for the Dutch market, where they are supplied to wholesale outlets throughout the country under the name Nefit. The remaining 30% are exported to 38 countries under various other names. In addition to production, Deventer also houses a large R&D department, where 100 experts develop new technologies and conduct research into sustainable heating concepts for the European market. It also has a large training centre where thousands of technicians gather every year for product training and sharing knowledge. Bosch Thermotechniek in Deventer employs more than 600 people.


One of them is supply chain engineer Henk Calot. Henk is responsible for all transport, in the broadest sense of the word: preparing the SLA’s, tendering and maintaining contact with the various transport companies. He clearly remembers the panic that set in when HSL threatened to be liquidated in 2014. “Huisman, later HSL, has been our principal transporter in the Netherlands for many years. They form a vital link between our customers and our internal organisation. They form a vital link between our customers and our internal organisation. The drivers are regulars and familiar with the situation, they know our customers very well. You can’t simply change all of that. All alarm bells were set ringing at the time, but thankfully the word soon spread that GVT Group of Logistics planned to take over the company. And what a fantastic partner they turned out to be!”


GVT brought back peace of mind

The acquisition by GVT was followed by several months of intense cooperation. “Together we rolled up our sleeves and succeeded in lifting our services to a much higher level in terms of quality”, Henk explains. “During that period we met at least once a week and evaluated everything thoroughly: What went wrong, how can we do things differently? It was then that I witnessed the power of GVT: A stable, extremely well organised company that knows what it wants. Realising that inspires confidence. Every step we made was a step forward. KPIs were agreed, an SLA was prepared, and everything is now being measured. Every month we discuss the results, all of which show that we have reached a very stable situation, with excellent performance figures and a high score in terms of reliability. This puts our minds at ease, since we cannot afford any delay: the entire planning for the day is disrupted if shipments are not collected in time


At home in every market

Besides supplying wholesale outlets, HSL also transports production components from a variety of suppliers, mostly within a 70-km radius from Deventer. In order to effectively execute this so-called ‘milk run’, HSL and Bosch developed a plan to efficiently minimise the stocks of large-volume components by means of daily deliveries.  “It’s great to have a service provider who thinks along actively and is capable of switching quickly”, says Henk. “Whether we need temporary additional storage space or have to adjust the system, everything is quickly and adequately dealt with. We shall soon for the first time use their rail connection with China to pick up components. Everything is possible with an all-round service provider like GVT!”




“It was then that I witnessed the power of GVT: Realising that inspires confidence.”

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