Two companies: a perfect match


Since January of this year GVT takes care of the storage of the overflow inventory of Coca-Cola. This consists of half litre, litre and one and a half litre bottles which are stored for a slightly longer period (for instance for build-up of inventory towards the summer). Besides this, Coca-Cola also needed additional storage space due to a major reconstruction of its own facilities. Kees Kroes is manager Logistics-Warehouse-Transport at Coca-Cola and is extremely happy with GVT: “It is a no-nonsense company where they get things done and it’s really nice to work with a company like that.”


The fact that GVT was able to offer warehousing space close to the factory in Dongen was definitely an advantage. “But of course we also had other demands” says Kroes. “The storage space had to be burglar proof and had to comply with our own safety standards, we had to be able to control humidity levels and temperature and the inventory control system had to interface to our SAP system.”


GVT was able to meet the entire set of requirements and was awarded a 3 year contract. “What I admire in GVT is that they immediately pushed ahead” Kroes states. “They were extremely flexible. This way they were able to have all the warehouse location lines painted within one weekend. In only a few weeks they had to move no less than 18,000 pallets to the new location. That was quite a challenge! GVT has the trucks, the people and the know-how to make an operation like that run smoothly. In their company no one has a 9 to 5 mentality: they’ll just continue until the job’s done, without complaining.”


GVT runs a 3-shift operation for Coca-Cola; the work continues 24-hours a day. All employees of the company that used to do these warehousing activities were taken over. Kroes: “This way the know-how and the experience were kept. But it also shows that GVT has guts: they were not scared to take this step!”


To a large extent the shuttle trucks between the overflow warehouse and the factory are also provided by GVT. At times we are looking at 100 loads per day. On top of that GVT does the repacking: all deliveries for one of the larger customers have to be re-palletised to smaller Düsseldorf pallets that can be moved into a store like that. “They had to get used to our SAP system” according to Kroes. “If they would pick a wrong pallet in the warehouse, we would see that in Dongen in less than a minute. SAP is a very precise system and you have to do exactly what it instructs you to do.” 


Kees Kroes also applauds the pro-active attitude of GVT: “For instance they installed two special unloading docks. Using these docks a truck with a so-called ‘walking floor’ can be unloaded in 6 minutes. That shows they are also actively thinking about and looking for innovative solutions and I think that is great. GVT’s people go for it, they are proud of the company they are allowed to work for and have that special GVT DNA. You also see that in our company: we have Coca-Cola running through our veins, we are really proud of our fantastic brand. That feeling of pride ensures that these two partners are a perfect match!”

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