Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong

A flourishing company in a shrinking industry


The fact that door to door flyering is still one of the strongest communication tools for retail, with a real measurable effect, is no secret for Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong in Baarle Nassau. Each week they print many millions of leaflets on ultra-modern machines, which afterwards find their way to consumer’s letterboxes in the Benelux, but also in France, Germany and England. The originally small family business, active in commercial and family printed matter and established by Tjeerd de Jong 110 years ago, has grown into one of the largest players in Europe in the area of printing advertising and promotional material for retail. 


In an industry where many middle-sized printers disappeared, Drukkerij Em. de Jong experienced a substantial growth. Franc van Sark, manager logistics, proudly recounts that the company made the right choices. “For the retail industry, our main market, paper still represents a big added value. So that’s where you find the opportunities for the shrinking printing trade. If you want to remain in the game, you have to have the courage to invest and that is what happened: in the past few years several large rotary printers were bought, that not only produce huge quantities of printed matter, but that also fold, cut, stack, strap and palletise the leaflets. Because we are able to print huge quantities in a very short time, that do not require finishing in another location, we have become very attractive for retailers from other countries.”


Fluctuating transport needs

Since 2010 Drukkerij Em. de Jong works closely with GVT with deliveries to the Benelux market. “We have a few trucks ourselves and work with some local forwarders as we have done for a long time, but because of our expansion we needed more transport. We looked for a forwarder that could handle our fluctuating transport needs. One day we need 40 trucks, the next day 25 and perhaps one day later only 5. These peaks and troughs are hard to deal with for a regular forwarder. GVT can handle this well, also due to its scale. Of course every now and again it is very challenging, because at times we are very demanding and make life difficult for GVT. But up to now, they’ve never let us down.”


Lately Drukkerij de Jong also often uses other services offered by GVT as an all-round logistics service provider. “International orders, which have already been produced, but do not have to be shipped immediately, are stored temporarily at GVT. Our organisation is unable to cope with that and then it’s good to have GVT as a safety net”, says Franc. “They also sometimes do the ‘after sortation’ of pallets and we use, besides full truck loads, their overnight pallet distribution with cross docking. These are services with a big added value.”


Both family companies have much in common and both have grown substantially over the past few years. And like the many changes that happened in the transport industry during the last decade, the printing world has also seen huge changes. “Printing changed from a craft to a fully automated industrial process”, according to Franc van Sark. “However, at De Jong we still feel we are printers, heart and soul!”




“Sometimes we make life difficult for GVT, but they have never let us down.”


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