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Creating Sustainable
Logistics Solutions

ID Logistics was founded in 2001 in France. It is now active as a global contract logistics provider in 17 countries with more than 350 locations. In total there are 25,000 employees working at the various locations with more than 7,400,000 m2 of warehouse space. In addition to 530,000 m2 of warehouse space, ID Logistics Benelux also has an intricate distribution network with seven strategically located hubs. With a team of more than 1700 professionals, we serve our clients on a daily basis in the field of transport and logistics. ID Logistics Benelux will always provide you with a suitable answer to your logistics question.

Basic values

Our way of working with each other and for clients, has a solid foundation of important values:
Entrepreneurship: Dare to do business and developments
Operating Excellence: Priority is on innovation and quality
High standards: We ensure accuracy, discipline and professionalism
Solidarity: Collaboration is the standard, both between employees and with customers.