Socially Responsible and Sustainable Entrepreneurship: An important topic that does not go away with GVT. We continuously pay attention to our CSR policy. We emphasize the following three levels: Planet, Profit and People.



  • GVT focuses on multimodal transport. With the use of ships and trains, we now have more than 10,000,000 kilometers a year of road.
  • GVT reduces its CO2 emissions through the deployment of the newest euro 5 vehicles, LHV vehicles (heavy duty vehicles) and trucks, driving on natural gas.
  • Active fuel management is central to GVT policy.
  • GVT has a damage prevention team.
  • GVT provides active information to schools about logistics, safety and the environment.



  • GVT undertakes sustainable, with a focus on broad value creation in the long term
  • Through the use of new technologies, we think of the shipper.
  • GVT shares her knowledge and skills with her relationships.
  • Through our exchange programs with partners, we save in all areas.
  • By working smarter and more consciously, we can share our profits with shippers.
  • GVT sees sustainability as saving in People, Planet and Profit.



  • GVT complies with the collective labor agreement and has a collective agreement reward structure.
  • GVT offers opportunities for further training or training. For example at the GVT Academy, where our own people provide certified training and training.
  • GVT offers many growth opportunities within the organization.
  • GVT ensures a general good compliance with statutory rules.
  • Within the GVT, initiatives and developments are encouraged.

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