GVT provides sustainable, optimal and inventive logistics services. By continuously investing in people and resources, we are able to provide full service services and to complement our function as chain organizer and director in a proactive and innovative way. It enables us to offer and value the customer value.



GVT continues to develop the organization's specialties and has the ambition to grow into the most leading and inspiring full service logistics service provider for companies that organize and manage chains from the Netherlands or in the Netherlands



Our way of working with each other and for clients, has a solid foundation of important values:

  • Open: Open and honest communication forms the basis of any trust-based collaboration
  • Passion: In our work we do everything with full conviction and attention to detai
  • Practical: Our work must be realistic and usefull
  • Flexible: We easily adapt to changing circumstances

OUr Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

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