Audax Logistiek and ID Logistics enter into distribution collaboration

Audax Logistiek and ID Logistics have decided to join forces in the field of distribution. The coming period marks the phased transfer of activities and the linking of various systems. ID Logistics will take over the control of the intricate network of Audax Logistiek as of 1 July.

Audax and ID Logistics signing collaboration

This takeover enables ID Logistics to take the expansion and strengthening of the already existing intricate distribution network for pallets and oversized products a step further. ID Logistics acquired the Benelux distribution specialist, GVT Transport & Logistics in Tilburg, at the end of 2021. This was the first time in the company's existence that a transport branch was added to the logistics services. ID Logistics will prove to be a strong partner for Audax, where transport & distribution are concerned. By entering into this collaboration, Audax Logistiek ensures the continuity of the distribution of goods for the longer term. ID Logistics, in turn, can now offer its clients a total package; an intricate distribution of packages, oversized products and pallets. The distribution is focused on the B2B (companies) and B2C (consumers) markets. This will enable Audax Logistiek to offer its logistics services to consumers. By joining forces, both parties increase their strength while transport volumes will be consolidated. This concentration of strength also allows for the further sustainability of the distribution network.

Stan Hamers of ID Logistics: ‘In past years we, as GVT Transport & Logistics (currently ID Logistics), have created a sustainable and intricate distribution network in the Benelux countries with hubs at seven strategic locations. It is important to determine one's position in the current, rapidly changing and challenging market. Our strategy is to do as much as possible in-house and be our clients’ sole service provider for as far as possible. Thanks to the takeover of the intricate package distribution network of Audax Logistiek, we can now also be of service to our clients where the delivery of packages is concerned. It makes for a great addition to our pallet distribution.’

Hubert de Leeuw of Audax: ‘By collaborating with ID Logistics, we're not only assured of a qualitative distribution for our clients and their goods, it also offers us options of offering logistics services in a broader sense. For example, the distribution to consumers. They could be provided with goods in the so-called “last mile" via the retail sellers of Audax (Bruna, AKO, Readshop) and the approx. 4,000 other retail points that Audax delivers to. The collaboration between Audax Logistiek and ID Logistics creates added value for both and includes the entire supply chain from producer to consumer.’

About ID Logistics
ID Logistics is an international contract logistics group, with a turnover of EUR 1,910 million in 2021.

The company boasts more than 350 branches in 18 countries, with a total surface area of 7 million m² in warehouses in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. ID Logistics has 25,000 employees worldwide. With a balanced client portfolio in sectors such as retail, industry, healthcare and e-commerce, ID Logistics offers innovative technological solutions aimed at sustainable development. In addition to 530,000 m² of warehouses, ID Logistics Benelux comprises an intricate distribution network with seven strategically placed hubs. Each day, a team of more than 2,500 professionals is ready and waiting to serve clients in the areas of transport and logistics. ID Logistics Benelux will always provide its clients with a suitable answer to their logistics queries.

About Audax Logistiek
Audax Logistiek BV forms part of Audax, a family business located in Gilze, that focuses on four core activities; publishing, commercial distribution, logistics and retail. This takes place via the company segments Audax Publishing, Van Ditmar, Betapress, Audax Logistiek, AKO, Bruna, RDC and Bookspot. Audax Logistiek offers logistics services in the fields of warehousing and B2B and B2C distribution, specializing in magazines, books and related products. With 250 colleagues and 50,000 square metres of processing space, Audax Logistiek has been offering its clients logistics solutions for more than 40 years. Audax Logistiek unburdens clients in the areas of warehousing B2B and B2C, VAS and distribution, enabling them to focus fully on their core business.


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