For nine years, I've kept the readers of the GVT Logistics Journal informed of the goings on within the GVT Group of Logistics in my section Willpower. Today, the conclusion and a new beginning come together in my last contribution to this renewed IDL-GVT Journal.

Looking back

Filled with pride I look back on everything we've achieved over the past 35 years. From a small transport company with just a handful of employees we've grown, as GVT Group, into an all-round logistics service provider with more than 1000 employees, 7 cross dock hubs spread out over the Benelux, 200,000 m² storage space, various rail and barge terminals, 300 tractor units and more than 700 trailers. I would never have been able to achieve this without our fantastic team of employees, of which I would like to mention one man in particular: Stan Hamers. Side by side, Stan and I have worked on all the developments for more than 30 years. Day and night, we've put our heart and soul into the business. In addition to an intensive working relationship it also developed into a friendship for life.

In the past 15 years, via acquisitions and the like, we've created a sustainable finely meshed distribution network with hubs spread over six locations in the Benelux. We brought all this together under the name GVT Transport & Logistics in 2016. In the short term a seventh hub, in the Limburg town of Echt, will be added to the network.

Parallel to these developments the multimodal container transport greatly flourished as well, with privately owned barge and rail terminals in Tilburg, Eindhoven, Rzepin (Poland), Weert and, more recently, Bergen op Zoom. Due to our GVT Intermodal train connections to various provinces in China, we developed into a front-rank player in the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition to GVT Transport & Logistics, BTT Multimodal Container Solutions became an important second branch under the GVT Group of Logistics umbrella.

Champions League level

I've often said in past years; there is only one sport which is transport. A sport that we, as a business, wanted to play at Champions League level! Throughout the years we, as a transport company, have always been one of the forerunners in the fields of professionalisation, automation and digitisation. Our clients changed from SME businesses to big multinationals that we, as a family business, have always pleasantly collaborated with. We were appreciated for our flexibility and the accommodating of clients’ wishes. This resulted in a ranking in the top 25 of the Logistics Top 100 with double growth figures year after year. We were daring enough to keep stepping on the gas, even in times of economic setback. And while doing that, we never lost sight of our long-term spot on the horizon.

Determine position

When playing at Champions League level it's crucial to determine your position well, most definitely so in a market that is fully on the move and changes continuously. In our Next Steps strategy, in 2019, we described the future vision for the two big pillars of our business: GVT Transport & Logistics and BTT Multimodal Container Solutions. Both companies boasted an extensive client portfolio and a substantial growth on the horizon. It required a full focus to manage this well, which is why we opted for making them two independently operating organisations.


Both my sons, Jordy and Remon, indicated at that time that their future ambition was with intermodal container transport. This meant that the familial line of succession at the GVT side would no longer be continued. Our partner, ID Logistics, with whom we've collaborated in a very pleasant and intensive way since 2016, showed their interest. We definitely looked before we leapt and carefully considered all aspects. After all, you do not hand over your “baby” to just anybody. Many in-depth conversations and investigations took place, ultimately resulting in my signature under the takeover on 19 December 2021, in complete confidence as to the solid continuation of the company.

I'm convinced that this step will be of even more added value to both existing and new clients, but most definitely so for the further development of our employees. By joining the forces of IDL and GVT, the company will become a leading international logistics player even more so than before.

New chapter

For the time being, my working life has not yet come to an end. In the coming years I, as CEO, may continue to guide the BTT Multimodal Group in their further growth under the slogan “We lead the way", with the comforting thought that the succession there is secured in the long term. BTT will continue their intensive collaboration with ID Logistics, with whom we share many mutual clients. Rest assured: even apart from that partnership I shall always remain an enthusiastic ambassador for GVT/IDL, that beautiful company that I hold so very dear.

Wil Versteijnen

CEO BTT Multimodal Group

Wil Versteijnen en zijn zoons Jordy en Remon



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