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Benelux transport
sustainable customised solutions

Choose ID Logistics for LTL and FTL shipments too. Your shipment departs directly from one of our Dutch or Belgian locations or directly from your loading location. We use advanced route planning software that gives you real-time insight into the location of your shipment. Thanks to our scale and our expert planners who cleverly combine shipments, we drive minimal empty kilometres. A green and cost-effective choice. 

Modern fleet

A modern fleet of vehicles is the backbone of our company. We make choices based on technology, safety, environment and noise. Our fleet is diverse and consists of LZV eco-combi trailers, box trailers with tail lift, city trailers, tautliner trailers, trailers with automatic load/unload systems and EP combinations. In short: there is always a suitable truck for your cargo.

From manufacturer to consumer 

Thanks to our scale and presence in various transport networks, we also provide customised solutions to large retailers. From your business location (DC), we offer a highly competitive, flexible and hybrid transport solution to the appropriate branch.