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    Excellent railconnections

    ...from the Netherlands to China


Always the right connection on the track

BTT Railport Brabant is an important multimodal link in rail transport between Tilburg and European and Asian destinations. It is directly located on the main tracks and is therefore connected to the most important economic regions in the Netherlands, Belgium and France and to the rail freight corridor between Rotterdam and Germany. BTT Railport Brabant is ultra-modern and well secured and equipped for unloading all types of trailers and containers. The four railway sidings - easily accessible for rail operators - and the marshalling area with its own shunting capability ensure great flexibility and short throughput times.

BTT Railport Brabant arranges the storage and transshipment of bulk cargo, project cargo and other conventional cargoes. It also has a modern warehouse where goods are transferred into continental loading units and vice versa. 

Trimodal cluster
Together with the barge terminal, BTT Railport Brabant is a trimodal cluster with maximum flexibility and transport security. This means that there is a solution available for every transport need. 

Own licence and locomotive 

BTT Railport Brabant has its own railway licence and its own locomotive. So we have everything needed to guarantee a short turnaround time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Broad scope

With a variety of equipment, we are able to handle the following transport units:

  • Containers (20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft)
  • Swap bodies
  • Tank containers
  • Craneable and non-craneable trailers
  • Huckepack trailers
GVT Intermodaal - Railport Brabant

Why rail transport?

  • Transport large volumes over medium-to-long distances
  • Sustainable alternative to road transport
  • Cheaper alternative to road transport
  • Short transit time (less congestion)
  • Also intercontinental

Why BTT Railport Brabant?

  • Boarding point for transport to many European and Asian destinations
  • Strategic location
  • Hotspot Tilburg as the logistics heart of Brabant
  • 600 metres of sidings for efficient loading and unloading
  • Cross-docking facilities for (inter)continental transport at the terminal
  • Central management for other logistics activities
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable 

Poland within reach

Goods trains depart from our railport several times a week going to Rail Terminal Rzepin in Poland. This terminal is also owned by BTT Multimodal Container Solutions, which prevents delays and waiting time. The train configuration is suitable for 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers and huckepack trailers. Craneable and non-craneable trailers are also suitable for transport on the train. The connection is reliable and safe, the weekend trains also make this form of transport faster and more flexible than normal road transport. The train arrives in Poland within 14 hours of departure. 


Fixed rail connection to China

There is also a fixed train connection to China from Tilburg, which is part of the New Silk Road overland. As well as full containers, we also transport LCL consignments on this route. Our Customer Service team is up to date on local laws and regulations and will assist you in Chinese, English or Dutch.