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    Reliable and sustainable container transport

    From and to Rotterdam, Antwerp and further


Our self-owned barge terminal makes congestion-free transport between Tilburg and Rotterdam a reality. This means that you can rely on guaranteed delivery times, because our transport by barge makes 'just in time' deliveries possible. Moreover, transport by water is a sustainable alternative to traditional road transport.

As an inland shipping terminal, we are an extended gateway to the Port of Rotterdam. We operate several sailings daily between Tilburg and Rotterdam. We have our own fleet of more than 100 trucks and more than 350 container chassis. In addition, our sister company GVT Transport & Logistics, with a fleet of 325 trucks, is ready to provide support in the Benelux. This means that we can always respond to your transport needs.

An efficient coupling and uncoupling system saves waiting time and costs during loading and unloading. Container transport is controlled via a central planning system that determines the right modality for each route. As a result, more than 150,000 containers find their way to customers every year. 

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Why container transport via BTT?

  • Congestion-free
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Fast last-mile service
  • Well-secured locations
  • Savings on storage costs compared to the Port of Rotterdam
  • Savings on detention and demurrage costs
BTT Multimodaal

West Brabant Corridor avoids congestion  

IIn 2018, BTT joined forces with a number of inland terminals in Brabant and decided to combine cargoes from different carriers on one ship. The result is the West Brabant Corridor (WBC), an innovative and at the same time practical solution to the increased congestion and delay of inland vessels in the Port of Rotterdam.

By consolidating shipping volumes from three inland terminals, there is sufficient supply to work with fixed sailing schedules and fixed windows. The ship is loaded or unloaded immediately upon arrival, without delay. As a result, the time ships spend in the port has been reduced by up to 35%.

Why WBC?

  • Fast and reliable transport to the hinterland, also for urgent containers
  • No or minimal demurrage costs
  • More than 20 fixed windows per week
  • Large capacity: fleet of 14 barges (class V)
  • Sustainable form of transport: lower CO2 emissions, also for urgent containers
  • No congestion in the seaport
  • In eighteen months, 20% of customers switched from road to water transport
Port of Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam